About the Dope Million

About the Dope Million

The Official Blog of Addy & Mark

The Dope Million is the official blog of Addy & Mark, a company supporting small business owners and start ups. Our focus is to encourage, educate and assist start up and new business owners to reduce the financial strains that come along with the trial and error phase. Overall, as we are strong community representing millions in the industry of business; The Dope Million team hopes to support small business owners on the journey to making their first million.

  • live in your power

    live in your power

    September is a month of diligence, strength, and perseverance. Check your analytics this month, study your flow. No matter what year you’ve had in your business thus far, this is the ideal month to tick things up or turn things around. Have strength in your goals, and belief in your vision. Everyone has a following. The universe with guide you towards success if you want it. Just remember when we ask for the things we want, there will be barriers and lessons along the way. Recognize the signs you are getting for every shift you need to embrace. Stay in love with your vision. Be in your power. You will get there.

    We are sending much light and much love towards your journey.

    ~Words by TDM~

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